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The Unique Needs of B2B Shipments


Sanjay Negi

Assistant Director @ Shiprocket

March 10, 2022

5 min read

The shipping needs and expectations of eCommerce B2B shipments are very different from B2C eCommerce businesses. Companies don’t expect a shipment to arrive on the same day or the next day, however, they do need it to arrive on time and in the right quality and quantity as promised. 

With the increasing investment in the B2B market, TMS for parcel shipping can enable B2B eCommerce businesses to make a log of profit and scale their business faster. 

Unique Needs Of B2b Shipments

What is a B2B Shipment?

B2B shipments usually consist of large quantities of product which is purchased in fewer orders. These shipments are directly delivered from one business to another through their physical or online store. The size of such orders is extremely big and therefore, a retailer or a business will place the order only when he needs to re-stock their inventory. 

B2B Orders Are Complex 

B2B orders are far more complex than a regular B2C eCommerce sale. The customer acquisition cost is higher, the time taken to acquire customers is also much longer and it needs more advanced technologies like punchouts, RFPs, and EDI. However, by using an order management system combined with best-practice workflows and a solid strategy your operational efficiency can be increased. 

The Importance of Being On-Time

The urgency of delivering shipments is always present when dealing with B2B customers. However, the impact of late orders in B2C orders is comparatively less impactful but when it comes to businesses, the entire manufacturing processes need to be stalled when shipments fail to arrive on time. 

Importance Of Being On Time
Importance Of Being On Time

B2B customers need dependable deliveries to rely upon and a transportation management system for parcel shipping will ensure real-time visibility for all parties and full transparency of order status. Even when the carrier is moving from carrier to carrier, the TMS will enable all stakeholders to get a bird eye view of the shipment. 

Also, unexpected delays trigger customer notification and more steps can be taken to make the process streamline even more. 

Needs of a B2B Shipment 

On-Time Deliveries 

Every B2B company should make sure that all clients are receiving their orders on time. On-time deliveries are a focus of B2C businesses, however, B2B deliveries should offer similar delivery patterns to further leverage in making more profits and scale up their business. 

If the shipment is behind schedule, the client’s bad experience will make a negative impact on your business and you wouldn’t want that to happen. And this could also lead to a client choosing a different company. 

Clear Visibility 

This will enable the client to always have transparency and know where the shipment is and when to expect it. More than one B2B Shipment delivery can be confusing for a business and clear visibility will give clarity on shipment delivery for the customer. 

Otherwise, the businesses will keep waiting for the order and will not have day-to-day updates about the shipment’s whereabouts.  


B2B deliveries need a clear communication channel between the business and the client. Clear and instant communication can go a long way and will ensure prolonged business relationships. Not only this, it also enhances the client’s satisfaction level in many ways. 

Communication should also be clear between all parties including the driver and logistics manager. As this will result in more profitable and efficient deliveries. 

Delivery Options 

B2C deliveries have way more delivery options in comparison to B2B deliveries. Businesses can leverage from offering better delivery solutions such as urgent or contactless deliveries. 

A wider range of delivery options means the receiving business will get the delivery they want. This also gives the receiver more control over their delivery with a clearer window of when to expect and what to expect. 

Top-Notch Customer Service 

Customer service is one of the key aspects of running an eCommerce business. Many B2B deliveries encounter a lack of customer service throughout the process. Great customer service will help result in more repeat business and better reviews from clients. 

Low Delivery Costs

B2C delivery schedules are extremely demanding and require multiple stops in the delivery route. However, B2B deliveries are only based on a single delivery and this means that the cost of delivery is higher as the cost isn’t getting divided amongst multiple orders. 

Delivery expenses are always a challenge in any company, however, this is even more true for B2B companies. With rising fuel costs and fleet expenses, running cost-effective deliveries is something that should be focused on. 

Shiprocket Cargo is a B2B shipping and logistics aggregator in India and makes make cargo shipping effortlessly easy for their customers. Shiprocket Cargo is affordable and streamlines Cargo and B2B logistics with its exhaustive network of carriers. You can now track all your orders and keep customers informed about the courier movement in real-time.

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