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Top B2B Shipping Companies to Look Out For


Sanjay Negi

Assistant Director @ Shiprocket

October 29, 2022

5 min read

B2b Shipping Companies

It is difficult for a company to gain a name and stand out from the crowd, especially when its competitors provide similar services at the same or sometimes lower prices. The most vigilant and best-executing businesses use a customer-centric approach. They constantly invest time and effort in customer experience to stand out among their competitors.

Customer experience is the most important aspect of any business, but it is essential for a b2b commerce platform. Although the buying and selling process occurs only once, the customer remembers the service for a long time.

If the b2b brands have a negative experience, they would not recommend that product or service to others. On the other hand, if the customers’ experience is exceptional, they will encourage others to choose that company for their future needs. Here are the top companies that provide bulk shipping for ecommerce websites. But first let us know what b2b shipping is.

What is B2B Shipping?

B2B shipping is the bulk shipment of products from one company to another/warehouse. One of the most common examples of B2B bulk shipping is the delivery of goods from wholesalers to retailers for resale to customers.

B2B shipping entails sending packages in bulk and stages, such as transporting packages from the factory to the mother hub, distributors, and retailers. Furthermore, there are several multi-location and intercity points where logistics is critical in B2B shipping.

Third-party companies provide B2B bulk shipping services to meet the logistics needs of businesses. Shipping companies use full, half, and partial truckload services to fulfill B2B bulk orders. So here are some of the bulk shipping companies in India. 

 Top B2B Shipping Companies In India

B2B Shipping

1. Shiprocket Cargo

It is an Indian delivery and logistics aggregator that is working towards making bulk shipping as simple as possible for business. 

Businesses can save up to 40% on ecommerce shipping costs by using their unique compare & book function and taking advantage of their bulk pricing. Customers can deliver their products using major carriers such as Delhivery, Spoton, and Xpressbees.

2. Pickrr

Pickrr is the place to go if consumers need something delivered quickly. It is the most popular courier aggregator platform in India.

When it comes to shipping directly to customers for ecommerce and D2C brands, Pickrr is one of the leading names in the industry. It allows clients to ship over 29,000+ pin codes and gives a seamless delivery experience to consumers, including prepaid payment alternatives.

Its B2B bulk shipping services are one of the best services to look out for. With fulfillment centers across the country, it helps customers fulfill same-day and next-day deliveries. People also get several extra perks, such as an automated NDR panel, post-order tracking pages, bulk shipping, etc.

3. Shiprocket

Shiprocket, a BigFoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd. product, is one of India’s major tech-enabled logistics and fulfillment platforms, aiming to democratize the country’s b2b ecommerce market. With numerous courier companies, e-tailers can handle their orders and day-to-day operations from a single platform, optimizing delivery, tracking, and much more.

They allow brands to concentrate on their core competencies rather than managing retail orders and hunting for dependable courier services. As a result, hundreds of b2b ecommerce merchants have used Shiprocket to build their brands and give a wonderful consumer experience to their users.

4. Safe Express

Safexpress provides various unique supply chain services, such as Express Distribution, 3PL, and Consulting. In addition, apparel & Lifestyle, E-commerce, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing, Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics, and Institutional are among the nine business verticals the organization serves.

Safexpress offers cutting-edge logistics solutions to its customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. It provides world-class warehousing support to organizations at every level and ensures time-definite deliveries anywhere in India.

Reasons to Choose Shiprocket Cargo As Your Bulk Shipping Partner?

Shiprocket Cargo, an Indian logistics aggregator, is attempting to take B2B shipping to the next level by making cargo shipping simple for their b2b brands.

Affordability – They offer the most competitive rates to the companies looking for B2B bulk shipping.

Multiple Carriers- Their extensive network of bulk carriers can streamline cargo and B2B logistics. They assist in tracking all orders and informing their bulk shipping company of courier movement in real-time.

Dedicated Support- Whether b2b brands need help with pickups, tracking shipments, or resolving any disputes with carriers, the dedicated team at Shiprocket Cargo will always assist them.

Appointment based delivery – Shiprocket Cargo also provides an option of appointment-based delivery to ensure a hassle-free shipping and delivery experience for its b2b brands.


While B2B brands are focusing on coming online post-pandemic, the focus will move to improve the online experience in 2023 (and beyond) to meet continually shifting client expectations. 

Keeping this in mind, the bulk shipping company of b2b can focus on emerging trends such as updating old techniques, investing in cutting-edge ecommerce technology, personalizing the shopping experience, and utilizing new sales channels. 

Even though it appears that organizations must prioritize them all, the best chance is to first collect client data and establish a digital transformation strategy. After that, b2b ecommerce enterprises can utilize it as a road map to success.

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