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Difference Between Full Truck Load and Part Truck Load in B2B Logistics


Sanjay Negi

Assistant Director @ Shiprocket

November 28, 2022

5 min read

Full Truck Load and Part Truck Load

The B2B logistics market is witnessing massive transportation these days. Be it services, communication, order delivery, or support, each vertical is changing to cater to the changing dynamics of business and clients. B2B companies, who wish to stay ahead of the competition, must adapt to the latest technologies and choose a reliable service partner to meet the client’s requirements. Regarding order delivery, B2B logistics ensures that the products reach their destinations efficiently and on time.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Indian B2B logistics market is expected to reach $ 11.48 billion by 2027 from US$ 2.93 billion in 2019. The market is projected to witness a whopping CAGR of 18.8% from 2020 to 2027.

As every business has distinguished nature, similarly, each company has varied shipping requirements. It can be the movement of goods from source to destination, transportation between warehouses, or logistics of the orders from fulfillment centers to the client’s location. Before reaching the desired destination, the product is transported under two categories: “full truck load” and “part truck load.”

What are Full Truck Load Services?

In full truck load shipping, the truck moves from origin to destination without any intermediate.

Typically, a company chooses a full truck load for B2B logistics of goods if it wishes to use the entire space of the truck to transport goods between locations. It is the best shipping method for businesses looking for more space for transporting their goods to the designated location.

However, what advantages can a business get from a full truck load in B2B logistics?

Benefits of Full Truck Load Services

Let’s look at some of the benefits a company can leverage by using full truck load services to transport the goods.

Seamless Bulk Shipment

Full Truck Load is a valuable shipment service for large shipments. It allows B2B businesses to use the entire space to carry goods for their business and take complete control of the transportation.

Shipment Safety

Full Truck Load shipping is a safe method of commuting goods via road, especially for fragile items. Once the truck is loaded, it reaches its destination without stopping. Less handling of loads means fewer chances of damage to goods.

Quicker Deliveries

In the case of FTL, the truck moves directly from source to destination without waiting at the intermediate stops to pick up any other parcels. Hence, FTL is a relatively fast mode of transportation. Transit is efficient as there isn’t any stop that can affect the delivery time.

Eliminating Size and Weight Restrictions

Full truck load services allow B2B businesses to carry larger weights and different sizes of packets. However, the number of products that can be shipped on a given truck depends on the shape, size, and weight of the product and the dimension of the trailer. The length of the shipment depends on the truck being used.

Since the full truck load definition is clear, let’s try to understand part truck load in B2B logistics.

What is Part Load Transport in B2B Logistics?

Part truck load or less than truckload is a B2B shipment method preferred by B2B businesses for carrying loads that need to be more significant. Usually, orders from multiple companies are consolidated in a single truck, i.e., sharing a single truck for numerous businesses delivering at various locations.

Since the truck carries a load of multiple locations, there are several hubs or warehouses where the truck halts and goods are unloaded before it reaches the destination. Delivery speed, in this case, depends on the number of shipments through one truckload. The shipment cost may be low compared to FTL as shipping costs are distributed among businesses.

Benefits of Part Load Transport Services

Part Load Transport Services

Know the benefits of using part load transport service for B2B logistics:

Easy Transportation of Small Shipments

A part-load truck is a suitable B2B shipping method for transporting small loads across the country. The truck capacity is utilized efficiently by carrying multiple small orders.

Cost Effective

Businesses having low-volume orders can choose to share truck load space, thus minimizing the cost of a single shipment.

Eco-friendly Shipment Method

A single vehicle carrying multiple small shipments is an eco-friendly method of transportation. It lowers the amount of fuel used for transportation. The resources are used to their full capacity, thus improving transportation efficiency.

Shiprocket Cargo Helping B2B Companies in their Logistics

Shiprocket Cargo is among the leaders of B2B bulk shipment logistics providers in India. The company offers seamless transportation of orders from one location to another. Today Shiprocket Cargo offers part load transport service to clients making the order journey easy and secure. 

Shiprocket Cargo provides two types of part load transport services, namely:

  • Multiple Locations, Multiple Vehicle
  • Single Vehicle, Multiple Locations

Additionally, the tech-enabled b2b bulk shipment enabler provides an interactive dashboard making it easier for the B2B companies to place orders, calculate weight and rates, and generate electronic proof of delivery.


Be it a small quantity or significant, from any part of the country, Shiprocket Cargo can be the best logistics partner for a B2B business. Sign up with Shiprocket Cargo and choose an effective shipping service that allows you to ship products from one location to another efficiently.

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