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Efficient Large Parcel Shipping and Delivery: Tips and Tricks 

April 5, 2024

6 min read

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the complexities of shipping large items present formidable hurdles for businesses striving to stay competitive. As online shopping continues to surge in popularity, the sheer volume of packages being dispatched is projected to reach 256 billion by the year 2027. However, the transportation of bulky items introduces a distinct set of challenges, particularly in terms of the additional expenses incurred, such as taxes and surcharges. This can place a significant strain on the budgets of online retailers.

To overcome these obstacles, businesses must explore innovative approaches to streamline their shipping processes for oversized goods. By optimising your logistics strategies, you can reduce shipping costs without compromising the quality of service provided to your customers. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to elevating customer satisfaction levels. This will in turn help reinforce the competitiveness of businesses within the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

So let’s explore some tips and tricks to efficiently ship large parcels.

Tips to Ship Your Large Parcels Efficiently and Save Cost

For organisations trying to maximise their operations and boost their profits, shipping large goods effectively while saving money is crucial. To help you understand the ways to achieve this successfully, here we have provided some tips and tricks for you:

  1. Select a Secure Box: When choosing shipping boxes, go for robust materials like reinforced cardboard. These crates offer superior protection for your items during shipping, lowering the risk of damage. To further improve their endurance, consider employing boxes with extra material layers or reinforcements.
  1. Add Strong Infill Material: Infill materials protect your products inside the box. Using multiple layers of cushioning materials, foam inserts, or some other fitting packaging can all assist reduce the chance of damage by absorbing shocks and vibrations during shipment.
  1. Use Heavy-Duty Tape: If you want to seal your boxes securely, you must invest in heavy-duty tape of the highest calibre. Strong tape keeps boxes from opening during transit and improves their structural integrity, ensuring that your items reach their destination safely and unharmed.
  1. Negotiate with Carriers: Having a strong connection with shipping firms will help you get lower charges for shipping. You can negotiate for reduced costs depending on package size, volume, and shipment frequency by knowing your shipping requirements and communicating them to carriers.
  1. Leverage Shipping Volume: Companies can bargain better rates with carriers if they send heavier goods. To keep high-volume shippers as customers, shipping firms frequently provide them discounts or special rates. You may benefit from these offers and can also reduce shipping expenses by grouping your shipping volume and negotiating with carriers.
  1. Adhere to Special Solutions: Consider signing contracts with shipping providers that restrict your usage of particular services to them. If you commit to a specific carrier or service, you can be eligible for special pricing or advantageous treatment. This might save costs and expedite your shipment procedure.
  1. Get the Best Deals by Comparing Shipping Rates: Take your time and go over the offerings of several carriers to see which one is best for you. Depending on the size, weight, and delivery time of the product, different carriers may offer different prices. By weighing your alternatives and selecting the most affordable course of action, you may reduce the cost of delivery.
  1. Use a Shipping Platform: You can get the best shipping prices for your packages more easily by using online shipping services. These systems compile rates from several providers so you may evaluate costs and select the least expensive one. To further streamline your shipping processes, shipping systems frequently provide extra capabilities like package tracking and label printing.
  1. Efficient Packaging: Well-packaged items will remain safe during transit. Following the guidelines for packaging, utilising just sufficient packaging materials, transportation expenses can be lowered. To decrease the total weight of your packages and hence save shipping costs, use sturdy yet lightweight materials. To prevent wasting space and using too much packaging material, use boxes that are the right size and fit your products tightly.

Shiprocket Cargo: For Cost-Effective and Quality Shipping Service

For large and bulky shipments, Shiprocket Cargo provides a complete B2B cargo shipping solution that is customised to meet your demands. Its broad coverage, variety of carrier alternatives, real-time tracking, and AI-powered suggestions are all intended to expedite your shipping procedure and promote business expansion. Get access to a centralised system for effective and efficient management of your shipping operations. With a vast network covering over 24,000 pin codes in India, Shiprocket Cargo makes sure your goods get to your clients no matter where they are. 

With the platform’s integrations with 14 carriers, you can enhance your supply chain management with a variety of delivery alternatives. Make use of real-time tracking features to keep an easy eye on your shipments from the time you place an order until they reach their destination. Make use of AI technology to help you choose the best courier partner for your shipments. You are given the power to make well-informed decisions that maximise efficiency and minimise costs by taking into account factors like weight, location, and delivery requirements.


As eCommerce continues to grow at an exponential rate, it has become increasingly important for businesses to excel in their shipping practices to succeed in the market. With more people turning to online shopping, the demand for smooth and reliable delivery services has become higher. By keeping up with the latest trends in the industry and making use of advanced technologies, companies can adjust to these changes and take advantage of new opportunities.

To ensure you meet the evolving needs of customers, especially in shipping large parcels, you need to take a comprehensive approach. By carefully refining your shipping procedures, you can strike a balance between cutting expenses and maximising efficiency. This involves paying close attention to every aspect of the shipping process to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

This not only helps you meet the expectations of today’s customers but also sets your business up for continued future success and growth. With an efficient plan to execute the shipping and delivery of large parcels, businesses can ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible and delivering excellent service to their customers.

How do you measure shipment size?

Find the package’s inch measurement. Round each measurement to the closest whole number after beginning at the longest point for each measurement. The package length, or its longest side, should be multiplied by the breadth and height. The cubic size in inches is the end outcome.

Does the size of a package matter?

Additional shipping fees are determined by dimensions. Depending on the dimensions of the box, carriers may charge more for the consignments because large shipments need more handling. These fees change depending on the package’s weight and length.

How do you pack oversized items?

Larger and more stable packing materials are required for larger and bulkier objects. For larger things, sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes are usually a good choice. If you don’t have a corrugated cardboard box, you may make a strong base by taping together several boxes of varying sizes.

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