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Types of Shipping Methods for Your eCommerce Business in 2023


Sanjay Negi

Assistant Director @ Shiprocket

April 14, 2023

5 min read

Shipping Methods

The cost of shipping is one of the factors that companies must consider before choosing the best shipping method for package delivery. Businesses tend to choose a method that is within their budget. However, companies must also consider whether the desired budget for shipping will help them get a reliable shipping method.

Delivery Time

The top priority for the business is to ensure that the package is delivered on time, as it results in better customer satisfaction and increases the chances of repeated purchases. Therefore, the delivery time is optimum when selecting the best shipping method for package delivery.


As mentioned above, a cost-effective shipping method may not be as reliable as other methods for package delivery. The businesses must ensure that the methods they choose for package delivery are safe, will deliver on time, and will minimize the risk of loss and damage to the products.

There are other factors that businesses must consider before choosing a suitable shipping method for package delivery, such as the safety of the products, sustainability, and delivery success rate.

Importance of Having the Best Shipping Methods for Package Delivery

A good shipping method ensures the package is delivered smoothly without damaging the product. Moreover, it allows businesses to deliver the package at an optimal cost which helps them increase their profits. An optimal shipping method also allows the companies to differentiate their business from the competitors and provide an additional edge. Ultimately, an optimized shipping method can be the key to ensuring customers receive the best experience possible.

Best Shipping Methods for Businesses for Package Delivery

After understanding what factors must be considered while selecting the best shipping methods for package delivery, let’s look at some shipping methods that can help businesses streamline their package deliveries.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is considered the most cost-effective eCommerce shipping method for package delivery. One of the advantages of freight shipping is it allows The Indian eCommerce market has grown exponentially in recent years. With the frequent appearance of multiple online stores in the marketplaces, the eCommerce market has massive potential. However, there is one factor that is fueling the growth of this market at a large scale -eCommerce shipping. Businesses are emphasizing improving their package delivery process to ensure they can deliver the products to the customers on time and develop better business-client relationships, further enhancing their customer satisfaction.

However, selecting the best shipping methods for optimum package delivery can be challenging for businesses. So before looking at the best shipping methods for package delivery, let’s look at the factors businesses must consider while selecting the best shipping method.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Shipping Method for Package Delivery

Below are some of the factors that companies must consider while selecting an optimal shipping method:

Shipping Cost

 businesses to transport temperature-sensitive packages over a large distance. 

There are three models of freight shipping for package delivery, namely:

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

This type of shipping method is best suited for packages weighing between 150 and 1500 pounds and only requires the capacity of an entire truck.

Full Truckload

This shipping method is best suited for package deliveries weighing over 1500 pounds. As the name suggests, the packages require the entire loading capacity of the truck.


This is a shipping method where a business makes its package delivery using two modes of transportation: rail, sea, road, and air.

Partial Truckload (PTL)

The partial truckload shipping method for package delivery is best applicable for businesses willing to deliver a shipment weighing more than 5000 pounds. In PTL, multiple businesses can ship their packages using the same truck, allowing them to reduce their shipping cost.

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Same-Day Package Delivery

As per the name, same-day package delivery ensures that the shipment is delivered to the desired location on the same day as they were ordered. To this, eCommerce businesses use local inventory placed at multiple fulfillment centers allowing them to be as close as possible to the client.

2-Day Shipping

The most sought shipping method for package delivery is 2-day shipping. The client can typically wait for two days to receive the order. The days can be calculated as two business days or two days after the order has been placed. The two-day delivery usually uses ground and air transport for package delivery. However, ground shipping is cost-effective but is only sometimes feasible. Delivery time and zones are the two factors determining whether a ground shipping method will be applicable for 2-day delivery.

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping is one of the best shipping methods that an eCommerce business can select for package delivery. Unlike same-day delivery, overnight shipping ensures the shipment is delivered to the destination on the next business day. Most clients who choose this shipping method are aware of and willing to pay an extra fee for this service.


eCommerce shipping is an essential part of business growth. However, selecting the best method for package delivery is crucial and must undertake factors such as cost of delivery, carrier reliability, and shipment safety. With the best shipping method for package delivery, eCommerce businesses can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals and improve their chances of success.

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