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Shiprocket Cargo vs Other Courier Companies

May 28, 2024

6 min read

You probably already know that choosing the right courier service is essential for your business. Whether you ensure safe, reliable, and timely deliveries will depend highly on the courier service you opt for. And, when you complete deliveries on time, it will directly impact your customer’s experience and satisfaction. Meeting your customers’ delivery expectations and minimising delays will also help you decide whether your customers will return to you for repeat purchases. However, with so many courier services available, it’s quite challenging to pick the one that would be ideal for your business.

This blog will help you decide on the right courier service, understand Shiprocket Cargo a little better, and how it compares to other courier services in India.

Shiprocket Cargo vs Other Courier Companies

Understanding Shiprocket Cargo

Shiprocket Cargo offers a comprehensive centralised solution for all your B2B cargo shipping requirements. It is a tech-enabled platform for your business if you require heavy and bulk shipment services. It helps you streamline the shipping process with features we’ll discuss later. 

Now, let’s take a look at some services offered by Shiprocket Cargo.

  • Full truck load (FTL)
  • Partial truck load (PTL)
  • Air cargo

Shiprocket Cargo also offers a tailored solution for quickly scheduling appointment deliveries for FMCG goods. It also offers time-bound deliveries, seamless email/SMS communications, and API integrations for major ERP systems. 

How Does Shiprocket Cargo Work?

Getting started with Shiprocket Cargo is quite simple. You just have to complete the following three steps.

Step 1 – Create a Shipment

Through the Shiprocket Cargo dashboard, you can upload bulk shipments or even create them manually.

Step 2 – Choose a Courier Partner

Siprocket Cargo’s AI tools help you choose a courier partner. This will be based on several factors, including the destination, weight, etc.

Step 3 – Ship Your Shipment

Lastly, you prepare your package, generate labels, and hand your parcel to the chosen courier partner to complete the shipment. 

Key Features and Benefits of Shiprocket Cargo

Shiprocket Cargos is trusted by leading brands in India. Let’s find out what makes it your trusted partner for your heavy and bulk shipment requirements.

  • Multiple carriers

Shiprocket Cargo helps optimise your supply chain with digitised solutions for B2B logistics. It features 14 carriers. 

  • Extensive network coverage

You can seamlessly ship to your desired location since Shiprocket Cargo has extensive coverage of over 24,000 pin codes across India.

  • Real-time tracking

It also enables you to track your shipments from the moment the order is placed until it’s delivered. 

  • Affordable rates 

Shiprocket cargo promises up to a 40% reduction in costs with affordable rates for FTL, PTL, and LTL shipping. 

  • Dedicated customer support

With Shiprocket Cargo, you also get dedicated customer support round the clock to resolve your issues as and when they arise. 

  • AI-based recommendations

Shiprocket Cargo’s AI-based recommendation tool helps you choose the best courier partner depending on your requirements and other factors. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Shiprocket Cargo also offers PAN-India coverage, weight dispute redressal, NDRs, Unicommerce and ClickPost channel integrations, and more. 

Shiprocket Cargo vs Major Competitors in Courier Services

The table below highlights how Shiprocket Cargo compares with other courier services.

Services OfferedKey Features & Highlights 
Shiprocket CargoFTL, PTL, air cargo, etc.Free trial, technology-driven logistics, real-time tracking, multiple courier partners, cost-effective solutions, and more
DelhiveryExpress parcel services, freight, cross-border solutions, supply chain services, warehousingWide network coverage, advanced technology, real-time tracking, fast and reliable deliveries
Blue DartDomestic and international shipping, express parcel services, freight forwarding, supply chain solutionsExtensive network, reliable delivery, time-definite services, advanced technology, wide service range
FedExExpress parcel services, freight, logistics, supply chain solutions, customs clearanceGlobal network, reliable and fast delivery, comprehensive logistics solutions, advanced tracking
DTDCDomestic and international shipping, express parcel services, freight, supply chain solutionsExtensive network, reliable delivery, customisable solutions, strong customer support, advanced technology

How to Choose the Right Courier Service Company?

Here are some factors you should carefully consider when choosing the right courier service.

  • Cost-effectiveness

You should analyse the overall cost in relation to the services offered by the courier service. It’s best not to go with the cheapest option available. You can also avail of discounts based on volume. It can be particularly beneficial if you’re shipping high volume.

  • Speed of delivery

The speed of delivery is one of the most essential factors you should consider, especially if you deal with time-sensitive goods. Choose a courier service that matches your requirements for delivery times, whether it’s standard or express shipping. 

  • Network coverage

When choosing a courier service company, make sure it covers areas where you want to deliver to or where your customers are located. Choose a courier service with an extensive network if you require international shipping services.

  • Customer support

Excellent customer service can make all the difference when you need any issues or concerns to be addressed promptly. The courier service you choose should offer responsive customer support via different channels, including emails, live chat, etc. 

  • Specialised services

Do you deal in fragile items that require special handling? Do you require temperature-controlled shipping services for your goods? Or do you need enhanced logistics support for your shipments? Some courier services may offer you specialised services to match your special requirements. Make sure you choose a courier service wisely. 

  • Insurance options

Insurance is essential to protect your goods from damage, loss, or theft. Check whether the courier service offers insurance and the extent of its coverage. If you want to safeguard your shipment, you should always prefer a clear and comprehensive insurance policy. 

  • Tracking and technology

If the courier service company offers real-time tracking options, both you and your customers will be at peace of mind. Other features you should consider include integration with e-commerce platforms, real-time notifications for important updates, and more. 


Choosing the right courier service can be a game-changer for your business. However, you’ll need to evaluate different courier services based on many factors. These include services offered, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability, geographical coverage, delivery speed, etc. Ultimately, the courier service you choose should offer you peace of mind, ensure timely delivery, improve customer satisfaction, and save time and money. Shiprocket Cargo, with its next-gen solutions tailored just for you, enables you to prioritise your business every time while we do all the heavy lifting for you. With Shiprocket Cargo, you can deliver at the speed you need.

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