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What Is the Best Shipping Method for Small Businesses?


Sanjay Negi

Assistant Director @ Shiprocket

November 30, 2022

7 min read

Best Shipping Method

Every small business is diverse. That is why it is critical to have a solid shipping strategy that meets the needs of b2b businesses.

Remember that shipping is more than just another cost item when deciding on the company’s best shipping and fulfillment strategy. Instead, it is an investment in improving one’s relationship with the buyers. In exchange for that investment, brands stand a better chance of gaining valuable repeat business.

Fortunately, many low-cost small business shipping solutions can assist brands in delivering on time while also growing their business. But how does one choose the best shipping company and locate the best shipping rates?

Below, we walk you through the best shipping methods for small businesses to provide the excellent shipping experience that b2b customers expect.

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What is the Shipping Process?

Shipping is transporting goods from one location to another, specifically from the warehouse to the seller. This process also includes documentation, handling packages, and noting arrival times and modes of transportation.

However, this process can be broken down into three basic steps: receiving the order, processing it, and finally fulfilling it. These three stages of the b2b shipping process are influenced by how quickly and accurately brands can prepare and ship the order.

5 Best Shipping Method for Online Store

Best Shipping Method for Online Store

People thinking about starting a business frequently need to pay more attention to the most secure shipping method for their company. Though it appears to be a background process, it is important and complex.

The various types of best shipping methods for ecommerce are listed below.

Local Delivery or Pickup

This is the safest shipping method and advantageous for small businesses that sell goods based on location. The bandwidth of their business team determines local delivery. Companies can deliver the package to the b2b customer’s location as a business owner or delegate the task to their team members. Additionally, with a local pickup option, customers in the area can come directly to the brand store to receive their delivery.

Works For: Perishables, time-sensitive items, and big-box retailers are examples of retailers.

Freight Shipping

Simply put, freight is the transportation of large quantities of goods. Commodities, goods, and cargo are transported by land, air, or sea in this manner. Freight shipping is classified into the following categories:

  • Trucks transport ground freight
  • Ships transport ocean freight
  • Air freight via planes
  • Multimodal freight is transported using a variety of vehicles

Shipping time and pricing are affected by factors such as mode of transport, origin and destination, size and weight, and whether or not special handling is required.

Works For: Retailers who sell large quantities or ship internationally.

Flat Rate Shipping

This type of shipping does not charge based on the item’s weight, shape, or size. So brands ship any item within the shipping zone for the same price. Typically, the brand and its b2b shipping partner calculate and fix the price for flat-rate shipping.

Flat-rate shipping saves brands money, especially if they frequently ship heavy or multiple items in one box.

Works For: Retailers who sell similar-weighted products will benefit from this.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is when a package is delivered much faster than the standard shipping time. Some carrier companies offer unique branded names for expedited shipping, and the service may vary.

Works For: Retailers with a diverse customer base 

Overnight Shipping

The overnight shipping method is the day the package is shipped and delivered to the customer. The price and terms and conditions vary depending on the shipping carrier. Brands can save money if they are partnered with a platform that offers pre-negotiated discounts.

The Best Shipping Companies for Small Business of 2022

A shipping carrier is a company that physically delivers goods to customers. As a result, carriers charge for each delivery. Shipping costs, however, vary depending on weight, shipping speeds, and distances.

Shiprocket Cargo

Shiprocket Cargo is a platform that enables businesses to grow their b2b bulk shipments by aligning orders with reputable freight carriers across India. Furthermore, a bulk shipping enabler provides an advanced dashboard that helps businesses manage their b2b logistics by helping them place orders, track them, calculate shipping costs, and calculate weights.

Among the features available from Shiprocket Cargo are appointment-based deliveries and electronic proofs of delivery. The company supports multiple vehicles, multiple locations, single vehicles, and multiple locations models. In addition, businesses can customize the features to meet their specific needs.


Shiprocket is a BigFoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd. product that aims to democratize India’s b2b eCommerce market. As a result, E-tailers can handle orders and day-to-day operations from a single platform with multiple courier companies, optimizing delivery, tracking, and much more.

Instead of focusing on managing retail orders and searching for dependable courier services, they enable brands to focus on their core competencies. Thus, Shiprocket b2b has helped hundreds of eCommerce merchants build their brands and provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience.


Pickrr is a great choice if customers need something delivered quickly.

It is India’s most popular courier aggregator platform.

Pickrr is one of the industry’s leading names in shipping directly to customers for ecommerce and D2C brands. It enables clients to ship over 29,000+ pin codes and provides consumers with a seamless delivery experience, including prepaid payment options.

Its B2B bulk shipping services are among the best to look for. It helps customers fulfill same-day and next-day deliveries by having fulfillment centers across the country. People also receive additional benefits, such as an automated NDR panel, post-order tracking pages, bulk shipping, etc.

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It’s no secret that online shopping is growing in popularity. However, most delivery companies regard the shipping process as a major headache.

Because business-to-business customers expect to pay a low shipping fee and receive their orders quickly and in perfect condition, this issue can be avoided by selecting the appropriate shipping method to deliver the goods without incident.

That being said, this blog provides a variety of shipping methods. So, depending on the needs of the business, choose the best shipping method and a reliable shipping carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best shipping service for a small business?

A1. If you are looking for the best shipping method then you can pick from freight shipping, local delivery or pick up, flat rate shipping, and many more. These shipping methods will help all the b2b brands to deliver their goods on time and safely. 

Q2. What is the best way to ship small items?

A2.  You can use their flat-rate boxes to save money if you’re shipping directly through Shiprocket Cargo, Pickrr, Shiprocket, and more. For smaller, heavier items, these are an excellent choice for saving on shipping. However, it may cost more to ship your products flat rate if they are lightweight.

Q3. What is Freight Shipping?

A3. Transporting goods, commodities, and cargo bulk by ship, aircraft, truck, or intermodal via train and road is known as freight shipping.

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